When Is the Right Time to Start Using Dog Boarding Services?

Dog boarding. Sounds fancy. Some might even say it sounds like an expensive resort for our furry friends – and they wouldn’t be completely wrong. Dog boarding services are essentially home-away-from-home establishments for our pets, specifically designed to cater to their care and comfort when we’re away or unable to look after them. Here at Barkers Boarders, we’ve made it our life’s mission to help people like you find the perfect boarding service for your dog in New York.

The Concept of Dog Boarding

Let’s break down the term – ‘Dog Boarding.’ This refers to leaving your dog in a safe, secure, and caring environment, often stack-loaded with facilities like play areas, nap zones, top-quality meals, and trained caregivers. While the terminology might differ – dog daycare, pet boarding facilities, dog sitting services, canine boarding, even dog hotels – the gist is the same.

Dogs are more than just cooped up in a kennel all day at these dog boarding services. Oh no. The current dog boarding services are an exciting place filled with frolic and fun. Imagine a big playground where your canine companion can mingle, romp, and play with fellow dogs under the watchful eyes of trained dog care professionals.

When is The Right Time to Start Using Dog Boarding Services?

We often ask: “When should I start using dog boarding services for my pet?” Well, the answer could be clearer-cut. Generally, it depends on your specific situation and your dog’s needs. For instance, a dog boarding service could be a fantastic option if you’re planning a vacation or a business trip and can’t take your furry friend along. Maybe you’ve got a crazy work calendar or are swamped with chores and can’t give your pet the attention they deserve.

Again, doggy daycare to the rescue! It’s also a great option when moving houses and needing a safe, secure place for your pet during the transition. A terrific time to start using dog boarding services is during your pet’s puppyhood. These facilities provide a fantastic opportunity for your puppy to learn to socialize with other dogs. But don’t fret if your dog is no longer a pup. Dog boarding services cater to the needs of dogs of all ages.

Advantages of Dog Boarding Services

While leaving your beloved pet is never comfortable, dog boarding services offer significant benefits over other pet-care options. First, your dog gets round-the-clock care from professionals trained to handle medical emergencies and behavior issues. Compared to pet sitters, who generally balance multiple clients, boarding facilities give your dog a more supervised environment.

Dog boarding services aren’t just glorified kennels. They’re teeming with activities that keep your dog mentally stimulated and physically active. Boarding services often schedule regular playtimes, so your dog gets to socialize and play – a far cry from sitting at home, waiting for a pet sitter’s visit.

Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Services in New York

New York has many dog boarding services, so choosing the right one for your pet can seem daunting. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back. As your go-to dog boarding resource in New York, a good place to start is by considering factors like the facility’s reputation, staff competence, cleanliness, costs, and reviews from other pet owners. Barkers Boarders is a trusted platform for comparing various New York dog boarding services. Consider the facility’s atmosphere, the staff’s responsiveness, the words of previous customers, and how your pet responds during an initial visit.


Just as every dog is unique, every dog owner’s need for dog boarding services will be too. Whether you need to find a place for Fido during your vacation or you want Daisy to have some fun and interaction while you’re at work, dog boarding facilities are invaluable. And how do you find the right dog boarding service in New York? Look no further – Barkers Boarders is here to help you through every step of the process. Now who’s a good pet owner? You are!

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